Saturday, October 4, 2008

Firm Dates

We finalized our travel dates late this week.

October 17th - Fly to San Fransisco

October 18th - Leave for Taipei at 1:00 a.m. - Not only will we be spending our anniversary on a plane, but this year it looks like we will lose 12 hours of it :>

October 19th - Arrive in Taipei in early morning

October 21st - Gotcha Day!

October 23rd and 24th - Meet with American Institute of Taiwan

October 24th - Leave for San Fransisco in late evening

October 24th - Kai becomes a US Citizen! Arrive in San Fransisco.

October 25th - Leave San Francisco late afternoon, arrive in Pittsburgh around 9:30 pm.

Last update - We received an e-mail from the agency stating that the birthmother has "prepared toys" for Kai to bring home. I have mixed feelings - She obviously loves him very much, which makes me sad. But I am thrilled to have a keepsake for Kai, as well as a great story to tell him - not only does she love him, but sent him to us with toys!


Debbie said...


~Kai's Aunt Debbie

Jan said...

FANTASTIC!!! God is good!!! Totally understand your mixed feelings about the toys, but it will be a wonderful story for him, and hopefully will be a very positive thing for him to know he was loved by his birth mother as well as much loved by his God-given parents! Can't wait to finally welcome him home!


Sharon said...

This is, indeed, the best anniversary gift ever. We're both so happy for you and can't wait to welcome Kai home.

Shar & Kim

Dad said...

Glad to hear Kai is coming home.Happy anniversary and I Think Kai is a good birthday present for you. Happy birthday .

Toni said...

Many prayers have been answered,
God Is Good.We all ask for a blessing, and got one named Kai.Gods speed in bring our Grandson home.Love to all Three of you.
Love ya Toni



Aunt Jackie said...

Congratulations.. My daughters and I watched the video and cooed along with the foster parents. We are sooo excited and happy for you!!
And it is good to meet my niece's cousin on this blog also. He is as handsome as Kimmy is beautiful!I love modern technology!! I feel like I had a visit back home!!
I am JA Ruckel