Saturday, September 26, 2009

Walking the dogs...and other stuff

My new favorite outdoor activity (other than collecting acorns and riding in my wagon) is walking the dogs.

I have the leash....

Hmm...I don't know why the puppies get so mad sometimes....wearing it is not so bad....

Now, where did those dogs get to??

There you are! Now how does this thing go on???

I'm getting closer...I can feel it!

Uh, yoo hoo, Smokey...I think you are supposed to be walking!

Observe Zippy..she's WALKING on the leash (not lying down!) - well, actually, she's snuffling while standing and wearing a leash...

C'mon Zippy, let's collect acorns instead!

I could use some help here! My hands (and cheeks) are full!

Look, a leaf!

I get distracted too easily....what was I doing again??

Oh yeah! Walking the dogs!

Wait - I've lost the dog!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How can you stand it??

Last week, Momma, Daddy and I took Zippy to the vet. I didn't feel like being in the examination room (read: Momma said I was squirmy), so Momma took me back to the waiting room. There was a nice couple there with two big doggies. The lady of the couple told Momma I was very cute (which Momma knows...).

I started to warm up to the lady and smiled for her, waved to her and generally turned on my charm. The lady then turned to Momma and said, "He's so can you stand it??" Momma agreed but said, unfortunately, she couldn't take any credit for my cuteness.

So, here I am, in all my cuteness....

With my blue sock dog, that Gammy bought mouth is slightly puffed out (as if you could tell) due to the piece of stir-fried shrimp that I carried around for about 1/2 hour.


Now where is that mouse?? I know it's up here somewhere....

Who, me??? No, I didn't touch anything...mouse...what mouse? What you are talking about??

Momma giving into my charms....

Getting ready to go out and collect acorns in my easter bucket!

Momma bought me a new ball (or as I say, "Ba")...Hope the puppies don't pop it like they did my last one!

Reading my book....I think I am up to a 3 year old level now...It's just that nobody knows it, because I can't talk yet...

Taking a ride in my wagon (more on that in a future post).

With my new Elmo bucket that the parents bought me for Halloween....I need to practice carrying it around...

I was told there was going to be candy in here. What's up??

C'mon, Momma, where are the goods???

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Art of Eating Skettie

I have been practicing two very important etiquettes lately - eating with a fork and drinking from a cup. When I was allowed to do both in the same meal, I reinvented the art of eating skettie....

First, you use the fork to move the skettie from the bowl to the cup (after you have finished the water in the cup, of course). Then, you mix the skettie up in the cup, and transfer it back to the bowl. If you are lucky enough, you might have a piece fall in your hand, whereby you can directly put it into your mouth and actually get something to eat!

Step 1: Transfer to cup....

Step 2: Mix well....

Step 3: Observe results....

Here are two videos of me in action. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME, unless your momma is in a REALLY good mood!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Trip to Soergels

This weekend, momma and daddy took me to Soergels before, as they put it, the "fall madness" set in. They have a cool ship that you can climb up on - ahoy matie!

Sitting on a Farmall tractor....

Amish Kai....

I liked this cool wooden train - you can climb through and then "pop up" through the roof!

They had a really big pig there named "Dudley". Momma liked Dudley because he didn't bite her while feeding him, like the pigs at Living Treasures.

Momma and I, feeding sheep...

Daddy bought me a gourd at Soergels. When I got home, I received a phone call on it - I had no idea! Hello???

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Trip to the zoo

Last weekend, I took a trip to the zoo with my friends Ryan and Sarah.

I spent most of the visit on momma's shoulders. Here we are, looking at elephants!

There were lions, too!

Next up, Giraffes!

I really enjoy riding around like this!

I can snuggle with momma, even from up here...

And, it's fun and easy to pull momma's hair from this vantage point!

Sarah was able to ride alot higher than me! Her daddy's tall!

I really liked the fish in the aquarium! Ryan and I are checking them out...(I was also checking out the glass aquarium with my mouth - momma wasn't so happy about that!)

Momma said that Ryan's cheek can rival mine, but I probably still win!

Hmmm....what to get into, next???

Checking out the stingray....

Hanging upside down, getting a different view of the fish....

With Poppa, in front of bamboo!

Another pic with daddy!

Check out the polar bear...he's big!

Saying hello to Miss Karen, Ryan's mommy (Ryan thought I was trying to steal her!)

And finally, snack time (well, truth be told, I was snacking on pretzels most of the outing - hey, a guy's gotta eat!)

Momma looks thirsty! She kept saying she wasn't, but I insisted...look how much I am laughing!