Monday, April 19, 2010

Recent Pictures

Momma and Daddy have been real slackers lately. The cute pictures of me have been piling a few!

Daddy bought me a pair of Chuck Taylor's, just like he wears (only his are white...)

I really am as angelic as I look...just ask Momma and Daddy (well, on second thought, don't!)

Momma says I am going to be a real heart breaker. What does she mean "will" be???

Momma bought me my very own ball cap after I kept stealing Daddy's!

Just hang on a minute there, Momma!

I make Momma laugh!

In my new Radio Flyer...with my traveling buddy, Zippy, and Daddy!

Hanging out in the wagon...seems awfully big without Zippy in it!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Two Year Birthday Pics

I recently had pictures taken for my upcoming birthday...check them out!

Here I am in my outfit from Shanghai! Momma loved this, but I wasn't so crazy about the collar!

For comparison, here is a picture of me last year in my traditional outfit....

This is fun!
Last year's picture...

With Momma!

Outfit change...why does Momma make me do that? (By the way - hard to believe, but I'm not REALLY in a park!)

With Daddy!

With Momma and Gammy (had this taken early for Mother's Day!)