Monday, August 31, 2009

Ready for my modeling gig...

Momma says I could be a model, based on this picture...I am very cute, huh?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Staycation Part II - Living Treasures

On another day of our staycation, we went to the Living Treasures Animal park. That was alot of fun, because I got to feed and pet the animals!

Here I am, feeding deer....

The goats were a favorite....

Momma, I'm surrounded by goats - HELP!!

I make a pretty cute goat, myself!

This guy was giving us the evil eye!

The albino Kangaroo and I seemed to really hit it off...I think the carrot helped.

Here I am petting a brown kangaroo.

This kangaroo had a joey...daddy couldn't get a good picture of the joey, but you can see her pouch hanging down with the joey in it!

Speaking of babies, this momma monkey was carrying around her baby on her chest...see the baby???

Here are some other cute, very little monkeys!

I even got to see bears!

I'm worried these reindeer are trying to decide if I am naughty or nice. I'm NICE, I'm NICE!!! Tell Santa!

Daddy thinks the Scottish Highlander Cattle look like big muppets. I'm not sure what that is, but they were really cute!

And finally, we also fed a zebra! This was a great day!

Staycation Part I - Children's Museum

A few weeks ago, momma, daddy and I had a "staycation" - they stayed home from work for an entire week! Momma and Daddy said they didn't think I was ready for a long car ride somewhere (it's more like THEY weren't ready for a long car ride WITH me somewhere!)

Anyway, we did a lot of fun things around home, like going to the Children's Museum!

Here I am in the Tree House from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.

I also got to help pick vegetables out of a garden.....I found a carrot!

The museum had the world's biggest Lite Brite set!

The museum also had a lot of train sets to play with...always a favorite...

I even got to help build a stone wall - this was part of the "Bob the Builder" exhibit. which was does the velcro go??

I have the hang of it now!

I liked to play the piano...momma and daddy said I looked like a natural!

I had fun changing the stop light colors..

I really liked riding the green horse at the museum...maybe Santa will bring me one??

And, last but not least, I LOVED going down the slide - it's just like being at the playground!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Just hanging out with the pets...

Hi There! Sorry it's been a while since you heard from me... I've been busy, though!

Feeding pretzels to Smokey:

Zippy coveting my mouthful of pretzels!


Lookin' tough with my pal Mittens:

Just Flying Around!

Last, but not least, Pumpkin is keeping my diapers warm in the basement...

Time to go swimming!

Okay, I really don't like this hat... will someone please take it from me?

Aye Matey! We set sail at dawn!