Saturday, January 23, 2010

Time for some new pictures...

I've got my mittens, my snow pants, my boots... Let It Snow!

Just Hangin' Out!

Sometimes I'm Happy Kai...

... and sometimes I'm Fussy Kai...

... but I'm always Happy Kai when I have a fudge bar!

The Kai at the End of the Tunnel...

"Paging Doctor Kai, Paging Doctor Kai..."

(Mommy and Daddy got me a play Animal Hospital... I am getting the feeling that they are trying to talk me into becoming a veterinarian!)

Thanks for stopping by... see you later!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas 2009

Finally, some Christmas photos!

We had a "Breakfast with Santa" day at work... I'm not so sure about this...

Who IS this guy with the scary beard? Get me out of here, Mommy!

Now, this is better... helping Momma bake some cookies!

I think making cookies is almost as much fun as eating them!

Joe Cool!

Opening a gift with my cousin Shelby:

Christmas Day with Mommy:

Hmmm... this gift tastes pretty good:

Shelby, don't eat my cookie!

This is great! Everyone came to visit me!

Hi, Granny!

Hi there, Grandpa!

Wait, I think I hear reindeer hooves...

Hangin' out with Aunt Patty:

Good night Granny, good night Aunt Billie:

Almost time for bed; check out my cool Elmo jammies!

Mommy and Daddy think the best gift ever is having me in their lives!

Merry Christmas!