Sunday, August 30, 2009

Staycation Part I - Children's Museum

A few weeks ago, momma, daddy and I had a "staycation" - they stayed home from work for an entire week! Momma and Daddy said they didn't think I was ready for a long car ride somewhere (it's more like THEY weren't ready for a long car ride WITH me somewhere!)

Anyway, we did a lot of fun things around home, like going to the Children's Museum!

Here I am in the Tree House from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.

I also got to help pick vegetables out of a garden.....I found a carrot!

The museum had the world's biggest Lite Brite set!

The museum also had a lot of train sets to play with...always a favorite...

I even got to help build a stone wall - this was part of the "Bob the Builder" exhibit. which was does the velcro go??

I have the hang of it now!

I liked to play the piano...momma and daddy said I looked like a natural!

I had fun changing the stop light colors..

I really liked riding the green horse at the museum...maybe Santa will bring me one??

And, last but not least, I LOVED going down the slide - it's just like being at the playground!

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