Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How can you stand it??

Last week, Momma, Daddy and I took Zippy to the vet. I didn't feel like being in the examination room (read: Momma said I was squirmy), so Momma took me back to the waiting room. There was a nice couple there with two big doggies. The lady of the couple told Momma I was very cute (which Momma knows...).

I started to warm up to the lady and smiled for her, waved to her and generally turned on my charm. The lady then turned to Momma and said, "He's so cute...how can you stand it??" Momma agreed but said, unfortunately, she couldn't take any credit for my cuteness.

So, here I am, in all my cuteness....

With my blue sock dog, that Gammy bought me...my mouth is slightly puffed out (as if you could tell) due to the piece of stir-fried shrimp that I carried around for about 1/2 hour.


Now where is that mouse?? I know it's up here somewhere....

Who, me??? No, I didn't touch anything...mouse...what mouse? What you are talking about??

Momma giving into my charms....

Getting ready to go out and collect acorns in my easter bucket!

Momma bought me a new ball (or as I say, "Ba")...Hope the puppies don't pop it like they did my last one!

Reading my book....I think I am up to a 3 year old level now...It's just that nobody knows it, because I can't talk yet...

Taking a ride in my wagon (more on that in a future post).

With my new Elmo bucket that the parents bought me for Halloween....I need to practice carrying it around...

I was told there was going to be candy in here. What's up??

C'mon, Momma, where are the goods???

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Sharon said...

As one of my colleagues said when I showed her the pictures, "He's growing into those cheeks!" Could he get any cuter?