Saturday, September 26, 2009

Walking the dogs...and other stuff

My new favorite outdoor activity (other than collecting acorns and riding in my wagon) is walking the dogs.

I have the leash....

Hmm...I don't know why the puppies get so mad sometimes....wearing it is not so bad....

Now, where did those dogs get to??

There you are! Now how does this thing go on???

I'm getting closer...I can feel it!

Uh, yoo hoo, Smokey...I think you are supposed to be walking!

Observe Zippy..she's WALKING on the leash (not lying down!) - well, actually, she's snuffling while standing and wearing a leash...

C'mon Zippy, let's collect acorns instead!

I could use some help here! My hands (and cheeks) are full!

Look, a leaf!

I get distracted too easily....what was I doing again??

Oh yeah! Walking the dogs!

Wait - I've lost the dog!

1 comment:

Patty said...

Smokey must be the world's most patient dog. Kai is just adorable as usual.