Saturday, October 3, 2009

Exciting News and then some

Momma and Daddy found out this week that they have been approved to adopt through TWCA in Taiwan again! Yippee! I will have a sister in another one or two years. The first packet of paperwork was sent out this week, as well.

Momma and Daddy said waiting for this adoption will be easier, because they have me to keep them busy...they ain't kidding!

Here are some shots of me doing exactly that (keeping them busy)!

One of my newly discovered favorite things to do is ride in the Radio Flyer wagon that Aunts Shar and Kim bought me for Christmas. I barely fit in it, but it doesn't stop me from having fun! Here I am two weeks ago, before the weather became more fall-like...

Speaking of favorites, I also recently discovered Chocolate Chip Pancakes at First Watch. Even the leftovers were great, although they left a chocolate mess on my face!

All done!

Chocolate Chip Pancakes....good! Gourd - not so good!

Move aside, I'm coming in for the touchdown!

Hanging with the guys...I mean, gourds....

Reading with Grandpa ...

Wearing Grandpa's hat! I look good in it!

Sneaking up on Granny!

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