Saturday, September 19, 2009

Trip to the zoo

Last weekend, I took a trip to the zoo with my friends Ryan and Sarah.

I spent most of the visit on momma's shoulders. Here we are, looking at elephants!

There were lions, too!

Next up, Giraffes!

I really enjoy riding around like this!

I can snuggle with momma, even from up here...

And, it's fun and easy to pull momma's hair from this vantage point!

Sarah was able to ride alot higher than me! Her daddy's tall!

I really liked the fish in the aquarium! Ryan and I are checking them out...(I was also checking out the glass aquarium with my mouth - momma wasn't so happy about that!)

Momma said that Ryan's cheek can rival mine, but I probably still win!

Hmmm....what to get into, next???

Checking out the stingray....

Hanging upside down, getting a different view of the fish....

With Poppa, in front of bamboo!

Another pic with daddy!

Check out the polar bear...he's big!

Saying hello to Miss Karen, Ryan's mommy (Ryan thought I was trying to steal her!)

And finally, snack time (well, truth be told, I was snacking on pretzels most of the outing - hey, a guy's gotta eat!)

Momma looks thirsty! She kept saying she wasn't, but I insisted...look how much I am laughing!

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