Sunday, October 26, 2008

Home at Last!

The traveling is over! Yeah!!! We do really miss Taipei; it was such a wonderful visit - but it was time to come home.

Kai did so well on the flights, it was unbelievable. Really. Granted, it is no picnic changing a diaper in an airplane bathroom ;) but apart from that minor inconvenience, the trips were not at all bad.

Kai is SUCH a trooper! He either slept or was happy. Said the woman sitting in front of us during the flight home from San Francisco to us when we landed: "I didn't even realize there was a baby behind me!"

The weather may have been cold, but the welcome sure was warm!

Granny (Kent's Mom) meeting Kai for the first time:

Grandpa (Kent's Dad) with Kai:

What a great surprise... Aunts Shar and Kim met us at the airport!!

A long day for Kai... asleep before we even left the airport:

And a warm welcome from LaoLao (aka Gammy - Kim's Mom) at the house!

So comfortable in Aunt Billie's arms...

However -- Kai says... okay, Mom & Dad - let me get this straight?!?!?!

Taipei Forecast:

You better buy me some warm jammies!


Kathryn said...

Welcome Home Kai (and Kim and Kent)! SO glad the flights went well. We are so glad you are finally home to start your new life together.

Deb-dog said...

Hooray!!! Pass the tissues again please! Great pics! I'm so glad all went well with the trip home and that you all are safe and sound in the US! Kai couldn't be happier! Love the bear hat too by the way!

Karin and Rob said...

Welcome home! That's great that Kai traveled so well. We can't wait to meet him after you get settled in!