Saturday, October 18, 2008

Arrived in Taiwan!!!!!

We finally made it! We are in Taipei!!!

Things were actually quite smooth, except for a few minor things. We had a slight delay getting out of Charlotte, which was actually nice, since it gave us just a few minutes to grab something to eat.

Unfortunately, Kim and I were not able to sit next to one another one any of the three legs (Pgh to Charlotte and Charlotte to San Francisco, we both got stuck with middle seats). The seats were so cramped on the domestic flight!

We were not even directly next to one another from San Francisco to Taipei, but we did both have aisle seats, and she was only one row ahead of me, just across the aisle, so it worked out okay. We basically slept most of the way, anyway. Eva Air was awesome! Comfortable seats, a mini touch screen for every seat to watch movies, TV, music, whatever. The service was excellent - those stewardesses really work hard.

Everything went smooth during arrival:

As expected, Mr. Yeh and his son were waiting for us at the airport. They are so very nice! They are so helpful to us. We got in a little later than expected, and the line was long for immigration, so we kept them waiting for a while - we felt very bad about that...

They brought us to the gorgeous Agora Garden hotel... what a beautiful place - probably the nicest hotel we've ever stayed in.

It was pretty strange to see the crib in our hotel room.

Okay... time to get something to eat... later!

We get Kai tomorrow... yeah!!!!


Jan said...

Yea!! How exciting! Glad to hear things are going well so far. I was forgetting it's already tomorrow where you are, so you're only a day away from getting Kai!!!!


Aunt Jackie said...

My husband Tony said the adoption pregnancy is WAY TOO LONG!!! LOL!!
Love you !!

Aunt Jackie, Uncle Tony Jessica, Rose, Toni, and Esther,