Monday, October 27, 2008

Random Pictures

Before we go to pictures, first, a news flash - Kai's first tooth broke through today!!!

Moving on....since we didn't do a great job of keeping our blog up to date while in Taiwan, we thought we would share a few random photos:

The day we picked up Kai, Kent practiced changing diapers on a stuffed's an action shot -

Here is the finished product - not bad! Since this was taken, Kent has had lots of practice doing the real thing!

Kai in his new stroller. We had quite an experience trying to purchase a stroller from sales people that did not speak English. Kent did a great job of pantomiming the pushing of the stroller to get his point across. The effort to buy the stroller was worth it - Kai loved it and it gave us a chance to do things like eat out without having him on our lap.

"SuperKai" at the Dumpling House on our last night in Taiwan. Kai is able to transform himself from a drooling baby into a superhero with cape and all, able to leap Taipei 101 in a single bound! The Gladney Agency hosted a dinner for the four families adopting that week in Taiwan. This was without a doubt my favorite meal all week. Thanks, Gonghzan!

And now, onto one of my less favorite meals...the taste was ok, but the whole prawns freaked me out...of course, this was better than the soup we had in the town of Jiufen. The soup had fish and pork meatballs....I tried to give some of the broth to Kai and he was having none of it!

We went to a tea museum our last day in Taiwan. Here is a picture of Kai, flirting with the woman at the tea house.

Mommy and Kai at Yehliu Park

Another cute picture while riding in Mr. Yeh's "magic bus"

A final picture of Kai and Daddy, home at last!!


Aunt Jackie said...

I'm so glad you have him! Aunt Chrissy tells me today is Kim's birthday!! What a wonderful birthday present!!
I'm so glad to see my sister's picture and all my beautiful nieces pictures on the blog!! Thanks for posting them!1
I love modern technology!! a visit without leaving my room!!
Hugs and kisses for all the family!!
Aunt Jackie

Laura Cicconi said...

Great job on the diaper Dad, but... just a question... is the monkey backwards, or is the diaper backwards? Can't quite tell from the picture.