Thursday, October 16, 2008

Updated Pics and Good News

First, the good news. We received a call from the agency and were told that our NEW Gotcha Day is October 20th! This is one day earlier than our original Gotcha Day. I think the agency felt bad when I e-mailed them and told them I was afraid our date would be changed when we pointed out that they overbooked the number of families on the same day.

We also received new pics of Kai today. Kai has a haircut. They have him in an outfit that my mom bought for Kai. In my opinion, he looks cuter than ever.

Notice Kai is no longer on solid he has flowers for a background!

I think this one is my favorite...

And finally, an updated video. He is really becoming active. I can't help to notice there is a man's voice in the video now, as well. Must be the foster parent. You will notice they call him Kai, quite a bit!

Ok, last update....we had to buy Kai a few more outfits, since we will have him for an extra day. I bought this outfit with my dad in mind, since he is a digger by trade!

I also bought this bib for Kai with dad in mind. I bought dad a book where he is supposed to write information about himself. One of the questions is "What did you want to be when you grow up?" Dad's response was, "A cowboy".


Karin and Rob said...

He is cute beyond words!!! We wish you safe travels and a wonderful time in Taiwan with your precious new son. We can't wait to see pictures of the three of you together as a family!

Anonymous said...

He is cuter than ever: congrats on the new gotcha date! Love the new clothes!! Praying for safe travels & can't wait to see all of you went you return home!!


Anonymous said...

Kai looks healthy, happy & cute!! We hope you have a safe trip. Imagine, this time next month your home will be full of dirty diapers, laughter & love!!
Love & Blessings...
Susie & David