Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Countdown is On....and Things Continue to Change

So, here is the latest......first, let me say UGHHHHH!!!

Last week, we met with our agency and four other families traveling to Taiwan the same week we are. During that meeting, one of our agency workers said that only two families can pick up their babies on any one given day because there are only two workers at TWCA and that's all they can handle.

Fast forward a few days - The agency sent us the e-mail addresses of the other families traveling, in case we want to get in touch with them. Through the course of e-mail exchange, we find out that three of us have the same "Gotcha Day". Kent and I discuss, commenting how odd this is, since our agency specifically said that only two families can get their babies on any one given day.

Being the overly cautious people we are, this morning I contact our agency and point out that three of us are scheduled for the same day. I was told not to worry about it and that the Taiwanese agency did not comment on this, so it must not be a problem.

About 20 minutes ago, I get an e-mail from our agency saying that three families cannot, in fact, pick up their babies on the same day. So guess who was bumped to the next day?? You got it...US. So, now, we will be in Taiwan for three days before we are able to get Kai. Not a big deal, but it's one more day we have to wait(Gotcha Day is now October 22nd). The kicker is that, when Kent and I discussed whether or not we should bring this to our agency's attention, Kent commented that if we did, we would probably be the ones to get the shaft! He was right!

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