Friday, September 26, 2008

We have (tentative) dates!

This week has been another one of those adoption rollercoaster weeks. We were told last week that we would be contacted on Monday with travel dates. When we weren't contacted by late Tuesday, Kent e-mailed our case manager, who said she was working on it. On Wednesday, the case worker called to tell me that they couldn't set a travel date because our fingerprints expired on August 3rd (I am still not sure how fingerprints can expire, but whatever). Actually, we knew they were expiring in August and had them redone in April when we switched to Taiwan. Luckily, USCIS admitted that they had not updated out paperwork and that we did, in fact, have valid fingerprints (whew...).

So, yesterday, some tentative dates have been set. We will "pick up" Kai on either October 21st or 22nd and have our first appointment at the American Institute of Taiwan on October 23rd. We will pass along more definitive info once we receive it. We will most likely fly out on my birthday/our anniversay on the 18th!

We are getting closer!

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Paul said...


Susan and I are both REALLY happy and excited for you!