Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Word: Cute - Pronunciation: \ˈkyüt\ - Definition: "Kai"

Here are few recent photos of Kai.

We bought Kai a new hat for winter, given the fact that we had snow showers last week - the hat has a little bear face on it, but you can't see it very well. You will notice he is hanging out in his new walker - unfortunately, he isn't very mobile because his legs are too short!

Here's Kai with his "I love daddy" bear - not only does he love daddy, but he's pretty fond of his bear, too....

Not sure what Kai is up to here...he's too young to have a monkey on his back!

Kai's Aunt Patty and Cousin Saige came to visit him last week - here is a picture with Saige (Shelby, are you jealous???)

And finally, this is one of my favorite shots of Kai to date:


Aunt Patty said...

I love this picture also. So cute!

Karin and Rob said...

Oh, he is SO, SO cute! He looks awesome in his pumpkin costume too!