Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fun facts about Kai...

Since Kai hasn't told you any fun facts about himself, it's my duty as his mother to embarrass him. Here goes:

Fact 1: Kai can now blow raspberries....adding increasingly to the slobber on his chin

Fact 2: Kai is babbling a lot more now...especially when he cries. It's as though he's trying to complain to us through his tears!

Fact 3: Kai now has TWO bottom teeth and I think one may be ready to break through up top!

Fact 4: Kai tries to eat his Gerber puffs like his momma eats her popcorn - by the handful. He takes an entire handful, puts his fist in his mouth, then tries to open his fist. He then takes his fist out of his mouth, opens his hand, looks at the puffs and you can see the wheels turning...."I don't understand. I can open my hand here...why doesn't it work when it's in my mouth???"

Fact 5: Kai LOVES bath time! No matter how crabby he is, if you put him in the bath, he is happy, happy, happy. He loves to splash in the water and play with his "flashy quackers"...ducks that light up when they are in water. His latest move is to just lie back in the water and hang out. I think he will love swimming!

Fact 6: Kai is amused by the pets. Every time he sees Zippy, he squeals and laughs. He's buds with Smokey and will often lie either next to him or partially on top of him. He will stop whatever he is doing if one of the kitties walks in the room...just to see what they are up to!

Fact 7: Kai is always content in the Baby Bjorn. He has often helped Momma vacuum and do laundry! Doesn't look comfortable to me, but hey - if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

That's it for now.


Ga. Dad said...

Hope Kai and all had a good Thanksgiving. Wish We could have been their.

Anonymous said...

He is growing up and soo gorgeous!! I enjoy visiting with him and you all here on the internet!!

Kiss him from us!!
Aunt Jackie, Uncle Tony,
and Cousins Jessica, Rose, Toni and Esther Ruckel