Saturday, November 29, 2008


Hi There!

It's been a while since I updated my Blog (Daddy is always hogging the computer... I rarely get to use it), so I thought I'd share some pictures from Thanksgiving.

Here Granny is feeding me something tasty:

My special Thanksgiving bib!

Hey, this is fun! Whoa, what do you mean it is only once a year?

Okay, I'm ready for a little walk (or a stroll, as it were) after that big meal... time to bundle up!

You know what they say - "All Work and No Play"...

Well, time to get going... wait a minute, what happened to my hat???

DADDY! Why are you so silly?

Bye-bye, Granny!

So long, Grandpa...

You mean the fun isn't over? I get to see more relatives? Hi, Pappy!

Happy Thanksgiving, Lao Lao!

Mommy and me:

Hanging out with Aunt Patty...

I finally get to meet my cousin Shane:

I remember Cousin Shelby... she said I was the cutest baby ever!

I'll bet you a nap that I can make Pappy laugh...

Who's got my feet? It's the Momma!

Snuggle time with Gammie...

Please... lift me up one more time, Shelby! Oh, how embarrassing... my belly is showing!

Ok, on the count of three, everybody say "Ahhhhh!!!" 1... 2... 3...

Time to change into my jammies...

Hello Aunt Jan!

Time to go... Oh, no... not again! Mommy, I think Daddy's silliness is starting to rub off on you! (or is it the other way around? I heard that Daddy was very serious before he met you...)

Now, this is really getting out of hand! I'm going to start charging 25 cents to borrow my hat!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

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Debbie said...

Great pictures! I love the hat too! It's so glad to see your family! As I have not seen them in such a long time! Thanks for sharing!