Thursday, February 16, 2012

Random photos

Momma and Daddy have not been very good about updating the blog. They "claim" that two kids is double the work. Momma keeps talking about "no economies of scale" or something....

Anyway, I convinced them to a least throw some random photos out there.

Kyri had her first haircut a few weeks ago. Her hair was in her eyes and she refused to leave her ponytail in! She looks really cute.

Although I wasn't thrilled to have a sister at first (I kept trying to tell Momma that she would be happier in Taiwan), I am warming up to the idea!

Momma and Daddy call us their monkeys. Kyri eats A LOT of bananas. At least two a day!

Kyri really likes music. I have introduced her to the Imagination Movers!

Being silly....
Here I am, handsome as ever!

Partners in crime!

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