Saturday, February 25, 2012

Kyri's Birthday!!

Kyri wasn't home for her first birthday (but if you look at older posts from August, you will see I helped her celebrate), so we celebrated her 18 month birthday, too. Here are the highlights!

What do we have here???

Mmmmm...this is good!

Kinda messy, though...

Sugar is kicking in.

Full blown coma...

Kyri and her balloon..
The day after...this was the only balloon left, after I busted the Elmo balloon!

I celebrated with an M&M Cake...or as I like to say "Yeminem" cake. I look like a tough guy, don't I??
This cake is good, too!
Kyri was in a sugar coma, while I had my own sugar high!

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nolablossom said...

Happy belated birthday Kyri! Phae turns 18 mos in just 5 days!