Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thanksgiving and Such

Pictures from Thanksgiving day at Grandma and Grandpa's house.....sitting with Grandpa

Finger puppets anyone??

After that big meal, it's time to walk the dog.

With Granny's walking stick....Grandpa made me one my own size, but I prefer to walk with a big stick!

Off to our second dinner at Gammy and Gampy's. I found out I like olives as much as my cousin Saige does!

The weather if finally starting to get colder here. I look pretty cute in my new jacket - just wait until you see the new hat Momma ordered me...it's not in yet, but there will be plenty of pictures to come!

Momma and Daddy put the tree up "early" this year, so I would have more time to enjoy it. Here I am, admiring the tree in my big boy chair.

This ornament sure LOOKED like a cookie!

Can I go now??

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Debbie said...

Kai is such a cutie Pret! Love the pic of him and Grandpa!