Monday, November 2, 2009

You gotta love fall...

With our intermittent Indian Summer Days, Momma and Daddy took me to the park!

Riding the.....whatever animal this is supposed to be!

Here I am on the duck! Quack Quack!

Why do my parents take so many videos??

Get ready Momma, here I come!

Get ready, Daddy! Here I come - AGAIN (and again and again)!

I love the sound of leaves crunching under my feet!

I like playing in the leaves even better!

The yard's a mess...I better get to work!

Maybe I'll just pick the leaves up and put them in my bucket....

Back inside, I reinvented the meaning of "walking the dog" - it's just as much fun inside as it is out! Here I am with Zippy, ready to go fishing! All I need is my dog and a cooler!

Huh? I should be walking the dog outside??

Maybe I will just empty the tupperware drawer, instead....

Enjoy the fall weather! It won't last much longer!

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