Sunday, February 22, 2009

My first birthday party!

I attended my first birthday party yesterday. Raeden, my next door neighbor, turned one! It was great, because I got to see what I have to look forward to in a few months.

Here's the birthday girl, Rae - cool shirt, huh? Maybe Mama and Daddy will get me one for my birthday - just not in pink!

Here I am at the party, looking handsome in the great outfit that Aunts Shar and Kim bought me when I first arrived home!

Here I am with another neighbor, Laella. She is only 6 days younger than I am, so we will be turning 1 in the same week. How cool is that!

Laella and I, deep in conversation about what it must be like to be 1 year old!

Rae has a great kitchen for kids in her basement. Here I am, checking out a coffee cup and saucer.

Raeden can walk really well! I am soooo jealous. I kept trying to catch her, but she can walk way faster than I can crawl! However, I did finally corner her in the kitchen!

While I was in the kitchen, I decided to check out what was underneath (since I was on the floor anyway)!

Mommy and I made an abrupt departure from the party after 2 hours of fun. Mommy said I was melting down because I needed a nap....ok, so I was a little tired!

Here I am, ending the day with a little play time with Daddy....

Hop on Pop!


Sharon said...

Handsome boy indeed! It's hard to believe how big he's getting. I hope I get to see him before he starts walking!
Love to all,

Debbie said...

Again cute pics! I was glad to see all these new pics as I haven't checked it in a while. Kai is getting so big and adventurous! Such a handsome little devil! Too bad we weren't living closer and Kai and Mehmet could grow up together and be best buds... :(

Karin and Rob said...

Hi guys,
Kai is starting to look so grown up -- and he's pulling himself up already? -- wow! Love the red overalls too, and the "Terrible Toddler" bib in your last post! Hope to see you at our next UNTAG gathering.
Karin & Rob