Sunday, February 8, 2009

Finally, some new pictures!

Sorry it's been a while, here are some recent photos of me...

Surrounded by my toys:

Looking rather serious here...I will not fall, I will not fall!

A little more relaxed...(I didn't fall!)

I've learned to enjoy spaghetti!

I am really crawling a lot these days... keeping Mommy and Daddy very busy...

Taking a much-needed nap...

Mommy loves me!

I just turned ten months old already!

I wore my "Terrible Toddler Bib" for the Super Bowl for luck. I think it worked!

Could I be any cuter?

Ready to eat!

Do you mind?? Granny and I are having a private moment here...

Hi, Grandpa (doesn't he look absolutely smitten)!

Exploring again...

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