Sunday, August 3, 2008

Nursery and Miscellaneous Thoughts

For those of you that haven't seen the nursery, I thought I would include a few pictures. It's not completely done...we ordered new blinds, which are in, but we haven't put up yet. Then we still need to put up the matching valances. I also have a matching cloth wall-hanging that will be placed where the current pictures above the crib are.

We decided to go with the "jungle theme".....

The penguin in the crib is a gift from my mom...I think it may be a while before Kai is as big as the penguin is :-)

This week marks another milestone in our adoption journey. There is a court hearing in Taiwan on August 8th where the birth mother will appear and verbally relinquish her rights. I keep thinking about how she must feel and how difficult this will be for her. I know she must think about Kai every day and may be wondering if she made the right choice.

I also wonder if she thinks about us as much as we think about her. I pray for her everyday and am thankful that she chose life over abortion. She has blessed three lives in that decision...Kai's and our own. Plus, there is the number of people that Kai will bless that can't be counted. For those of you that believe in prayer, please pray for Kai's mother as she goes to court on Friday - for strength and peace and blessings for her. We appreciate it!

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