Monday, July 28, 2008

Care Package

We sent Kai his first care package on Friday. We were told he is going into foster care in August, so we chose to assume that meant August, the care package should arrive on the 1st. No worries, though - it is being sent to the agency, so if he's not in foster care yet, he will still get it.

We went to the mall and "built a bear", then slept with the bear for a week, so that Kai can get used to our scent.

Here's a picture of Kent with the bear..he had a hard time giving it up...

We also sent a "musical bunny" that hangs on the back of the crib. It has different buttons that play sounds like ocean waves and spring rain. We have asked the foster family to play a sound at night in hopes that hearing the same sound when he gets home will soothe him. A coworker, Feifei, is from Mainland China, so she was nice enough to translate a letter with instructions to the foster family. She has also translated what the woman is saying to Kai in the videos we have received.

Here is a picture of the other things we sent: disposable cameras, a few outfits, bibs (with puppies on it, of course), a blanket-with puppies on it, of course (that he can bring home with him for comfort) and several teething toys. Something tells me Kai may be a little spoiled..

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