Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Pictures!

Luckily, Baby Sister was home in time for this year's Christmas pictures. Gammy said we are dressed like the bluebirds of happiness (although Momma said Kyri is looking none too happy in the first photo)!

Kyri smiled for this next one! I smiled for all of them...

Speaking of me and my great smile! ...

Baby Kyri has a smile almost as cute as mine!

Mommy and Kyri look pretty happy, too!

Mommy and Daddy said it was tough taking a picture with Kyri and me in it. The only picture the photographer could get was when we were distracted by looking at the Christmas book. In all of the other photos, Kyri was either pulling my hair, my sweater or I was making strange faces...

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and that Santa treated you as well as he did me!

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Elena said...

What a lovely family!!!!!!!!
Hope you had a great Holiday Season :)
Best wishes from LA