Friday, May 20, 2011

New pictures of Kyri

Momma and Daddy were very excited - and so was I - when we got new pictures of Kyri. These pictures show baby sister at 7 months old - she is actually 9 months old now....the agency in Taiwan is a little behind!

Daddy said he is not sure it is possible, but Kyri may be as cute as I am....I am not convinced!

Momma said this smile is going to break some hearts over the years. Kyri is pretty cute, isn't she?

I think Kyri's hair looks like Momma and Daddy's hair in this picture - hah!

I guess baby sister doesn't mind the playpen. I NEVER liked it! Even today, Momma and Daddy use it for time out to torture me!

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Elena said...

Sorry I've been out of touch. Kai was saying "baby baby" and laughing and clapping while we were watching the photos and video. So you are right: she's going to break a few hearts!!
Good luck with the process. Hopefully she's home very very soon.
Best wishes from LA,