Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Pictures (Finally!)

Christmas Morning with my pal Smokey:

Christmas Day with Granny:

Christmas Day with Grandpa:

Playing on the floor with Gammy:

My new toy from Aunt Patty:

This present tastes good!

Kai with Daddy:

Who needs presents when you have wrapping paper?

This is fun!

My dog Spot from Aunt Heather, Uncle Scott, and cousins Cindy and Kevin:

My new truck from Aunt Holly, Uncle Brian, and cousins Shaun and Jacinta:


I think I made out pretty well this Christmas!

I finally got to meet my cousins! Kevin, Shaun, Cindy, and Jacinta:

Aunt Sharon:

Aunt Kim:

Aunt Billie:

Aunt Holly:

My new bib:

Uncle Brian:

Aunt Heather:

Uncle Scott:

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Teresa and Norm said...

Kim, He is so darn cute!!! Gotta love those cheeks!!! I am so happy for you. It is so good to see a fellow CAII family happily home with their child!